World Scout Jamboree 2019

North America

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WS Jamboree

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will bring together Scouts from around the globe to experience new adventures, cultures, and friendships.

Daily life at the jamboree will be filled with adventure, new friendship, and cultural experiences as Scouts meet fellow Scouts from around the world.

WS Jamboree
WS Jamboree
The theme for the jamboree is Unlock a New World and was developed by the youth bid team, also known as the Dream Team.

This theme speaks to the new adventures, cultures, and friendships that will be shared by Scouts from around the world during the 12-day event in North America, a continent often referenced as a “New World.

WS Jamboree Contingent

The first World Jamboree was held in London in 1920. Since then they have been held all over the world