Rabbit Run 2017

Lincolnshire Rabbit Run

We arrived at 7:30 at Collingham Scout hall, where we put up our tents and started to meet the Lincolnshire teams; who we were up against the next night. We all had hot drinks and biscuits and got our heads down knowing we had a full day of activites ahead of us.

Each leader was being assessed by the explorers to see who was going to be the best choice. The first activity we did was a mini version of the rabbit run around Collingham, we mixed with the Lincolnshire teams and had to answer so many questions in a certain amount of time. We were up against 3 other teams, it was nice to mix with other people and to see what they did at their Explorers and helped us gain new ideas to bring back to our Explorer nights.


We were rudely awaken by Richard at 7:30 shouting us for breakfast, which was a bacon roll and fruit, this set us up for the busy morning. 

There were a series of activities set by the people competing for a place for the jamboree in America, they varied from designing flags to team building exercises.

Afternoon session consisted of flag making and pioneering inside due to typical English weather! Just time for a quick meal before we packed our kit and set off on our rabbit run. The most important rule of rabbit run is DONT GET CAUGHT!! Our team left at 8:09 as the 3rd team off (we were named Shaun the sheep).

We covered around 10 miles in 5 and a half hours getting caught on numerous occasions, which led to us going the harder route resulting in getting stuck in a hedge! We had to be back at camp at 1:39am which we just managed! Never been so pleased to see my sleeping bag.


Sunday morning we actually got a lie in till 9:00, this led us into the prize giving . The winning team received a trophy and the losing team received a toilet seat! Overall it was a good weekend now time to catch up on sleep!

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